Consolidate the data from your databases, cloud services, and applications into Panoply’s data management platform in minutes using one of our out-of-the-box integrations, or push the data directly from your own applications and services using our powerful set of SDKs.


Connect your ingestion tools – and let Panoply automatically prep and model the data for you.

Files & Storage

Import historical data from any storage system, quickly and seamlessly.


Import all of your databases tables and views.


Connect your favorite analytics tools so that you have easy access to a complete analysis of your websites and apps.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Connect popular BI and visualization tools – so you can start analyzing the data right away.

From raw data to analysis in under 10 minutes

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Digital Advertising

Leverage all of your advertising data to get comprehensive insights into your campaigns.

Social Media

Gain a better understanding of your social media channels and assess your paid campaigns.

Marketing & Sales

Integrate all customer-related data and get a complete analysis of the customer journey.

Messaging Queues

Connect your favorite messaging apps.

Do You Use Other Apps, Services, or APIs?

With our powerful SDKs, you can easily tailor the data integration process to meet your needs. Panoply’s array of flexible SDKs, in many of the most common programming languages, lets you connect to any data source seamlessly.

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