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Sync all your data from multiple sources, store it securely in the cloud and access it all with the best visualization and BI Tools.

Developer Tools

Panoply is a cloud data platform built to make it easy for developers to integrate a variety of data sources such as GitHub, Jira, Segment, MySQL, Wordpress, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and more. Panoply automatically stores your data in the cloud, and requires zero ongoing pipeline maintenance. In minutes, you can start syncing data from popular sources without complicated code or worrying about ongoing pipeline maintenance.

With Panoply, you can store all your development and product data in one place, making it easier to measure your dev team’s productivity and your users’ engagement with your product. Quick connections to analytical or BI tools enable lightning-fast analysis, always up-to-date dashboards, and game-changing insights without dedicating entire sprints just to tedious data management tasks.