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The first smart marketing & advertising data warehouse for all your analytics needs

Gain critical actionable insights, help sort out all your attributions, and calculate ROI from raw data with lightning speed

Tracking marketing and ad campaigns across diverse media channels results in vast amounts of data for marketing analysts to process, sort, and analyze. For analysts at companies big and small, this is becoming an increasing challenge - how can analysts gain critical actionable insights, sort attributions, and calculate ROI from raw data in near real-time?

The first step to tackle this challenge is setting up an agile, smart cloud data warehouse that can automatically ingest and transform vast amounts of raw marketing and ad tracking data in minutes, not days, and render it immediately ready for querying. That’s where Panoply comes in:

  • Instantly upload any campaign data you need into a marketing data warehouse

From Google adwords to Facebook to Twitter and Hubspot, you can add any data source to keep track of your campaign metrics and gain the insights you need, when you need them.

  • Automate storage and query optimization

Analyst teams should focus on gaining insights from raw data faster, not being bogged down with maintaining databases and optimizing data warehouse storage. Panoply automates the maintenance and optimization of data warehouse storage and queries, enabling your marketing analytics to run more efficiently, virtually eliminating concurrency.

  • Connect any visualization tool

Seamlessly connect your campaign data to any business intelligence visualization tool you need right from Panoply and start querying it immediately.

Our customers depend on Panoply to ingest a wide range of the leading online & mobile advertising and marketing automation data sources, files, and tools - below are just some of the the popular ones:



Apple iAds




Double Click



Google Adwords

Google Analytics



Yahoo Gemini




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Panoply is the best data warehouse-as-a-service for marketing & ad performance metrics

See how our Marketing Operations, Ad Campaign Managers and growth marketing hackers, as well as Demand and Lead Generation customers use Panoply’s smart data warehouse to gain fast actionable insights to make impactful, time-sensitive decisions for their businesses:




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