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Take control of your marketing data

Marketers work with a ton of tools—and that means a ton of different sources of critical customer data. But tracking complex campaigns in spreadsheets is a nightmare.

Panoply is a better way of managing your marketing data. Connect all your data sources without complicated code, store it in a centralized warehouse, and use it to power your BI tools for insights you can't get with tool-centric silos.

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Streamline your marketing data management

Fuel your marketing campaigns with analysis-ready data from every corner of your business. With Panoply, you get:

  • Code-free connections to your data sources
  • Centralized storage for a single source of truth
  • Seamless integrations with analytics & BI tools
Customer Success Story
Easily centralize
all your marketing data
From Google Ads to Hubspot and Facebook to Mailchimp, sync and store all your marketing data in a secure, centralized location for easy access.
Power your BI tools
with fresh data
Seamlessly update your dashboards and reporting without wasting hours downloading CSVs or manually plugging numbers into spreadsheets.
Boost the ROI of your
marketing campaigns
From sophisticated personalization to laser-sharp targeting, create data-driven campaigns that actually make an impact on your audience.

Getting started is easy

Set up a data warehouse & connect your data in minutes.

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