The all-in-one data management solution for software & SaaS product analytics

Get 360° visibility into your software applications and customer behavior

  • Consolidate all your product and customer engagement data - on your own - without the help of your IT team or engineering.
  • Get a fully automated, secure data management solution that is powerful, optimized for performance, and connects to any BI visualization tool.
  • Save on cost and remove the most time consuming and labor intensive IT tasks in data pipeline management.
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Panoply simplifies SaaS data warehouse management

Panoply’s AI-powered data warehouse management eliminates data pipeline bottlenecks so you can quickly and easily gain critical actionable data insights.

  • No more siloed data or hanging queries - panoply lets you add and share all your disparate product and customer data in one place, in just a few clicks.
  • Remove delays to data insights preventing time-sensitive business decisions to boost revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve product quality.
  • With Panoply, you can focus on improving your product and customer experience rather than spend time on maintaining a data warehouse.

Combine any software usage metrics data

From product and feature usage metrics, to customer engagement, to subscription billing and customer support, you can add any data source needed to keep track of product success whether you’re a Fortune 100 SaaS company or a mobile app startup.

Automate storage and query optimization

Panoply automates the maintenance and optimization of data storage and queries, enabling your analytics to run more efficiently, save you on storage costs, and avoid hanging queries and concurrency issues.

Connect product data sources to any BI tool

Seamlessly connect your software product-related data to any business intelligence visualization tool right from Panoply and start querying it immediately.

Some common data sources associated with successful software development companies that are easily integrated with Panoply include:

  • Billing solutions
  • Product management
  • Product & feature usage metrics
  • Onboarding & engagement data
  • Marketing analytics & automation
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

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