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Redshift at Lightspeed

In this webinar we’ll show you how to use cost-effective, and infinitely scalable data pipelines and management platforms built on top of Redshift.


Join Us For Our Exclusive Weekly Webinar Demo

Learn how to get all your diverse data sources aggregated, easily queryable, & connected to any BI tool in just minutes (without coding or help from IT).


How data analysts at Kimberly Clark went agile with business intelligence and saved $250k

Kimberly Clark saved countless hours of data collection and analysis without additional headcount by enabling their data analysts to control their own data and work in a more agile environment...


Data Warehouse + Data Lake: Get the Synergy, Ditch the Complexity

Join Gigaom Research analyst Andrew Brust and Panoply co-founder and CTO Roi Avinoam to discover:


Moving Data to the Cloud: Data Warehouse or Data Lake?

With big data, data warehouses, data lakes, it is easy to get confused about the pros and cons and what to use where. In the past two years, for instance,...