Combine all financial data with one data warehouse management tool

Get the automated data management solution to get actionable insights from raw data in record time.

  • Financial services, banking, risk management, fintech, and insurance companies can now combine all their vast, disparate data in minutes, not days.
  • Set Panoply up in just a few clicks to easily add, combine, and automatically sort your financial data - you don’t need to know any coding or worry about data warehouse maintenance.
  • Financial data analysts can finally be independent of IT/engineering to ingest all their data, on their own, and seamlessly connect it to any BI tool, including Tableau, Looker, and Chartio.
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True agility for financial and risk management data analytics

Panoply’s automated data warehouse management solution gives financial services companies the agility to carry out time-sensitive financial decisions to boost revenue, reduce cost, or assess market risk.

  • Panoply lets you ingest financial and other data with over 100 data sources already integrated that you can combine for a truly 360° view of all your financial data.
  • Panoply auto-optimizes the performance of your data pipeline, which means your queries will be 100x faster, BI dashboards load 10x faster, and you won’t waste time on hanging queries.
  • With Panoply’s cost-efficient upfront pricing, feel free to data-mine, discover, and experiment with data for financial modeling without breaking the bank.

Instantly combine any financial data -- with all your other data, in one place

From point of sales solutions like Stripe to marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, to Excel and mortgage data, you can add any data source you need to keep track of financial data, whether you’re a Fortune 1000 company or a startup.

Automate data storage and query optimization

Panoply automates the maintenance and optimization of data warehouse storage and queries, enabling your financial analytics to run faster and more efficiently, avoiding concurrency and hanging queries.

Securely connect your data sources to any BI tool

Seamlessly connect your financial services data to any business intelligence visualization tool you need right from Panoply to securely share and query it.

Some common data collected by successful financial services, forensic accounting, and insurance companies that are easily integrated with Panoply include:

  • Accounting and accounts payable
  • Billing solutions
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Financial planning
  • Mortgage & debt data
  • Human resources
  • Vendor contracts
  • Investment management
  • Credit and lead scoring
  • Cashflow and P&L
  • Balance sheets
  • Financial valuations

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