Financial Services

Gain critical actionable insights, help gather financial, investment and risk management data in record time. Financial services, banking, risk management and insurance companies gather vast amounts of data on their sales, client investments, risk assessment and other mission critical data used by financial institutions.

Data-centric online publishers and digital media companies need a data warehouse that is powerful and elastic enough to upload vast & disparate data sources and seamlessly connect them to any visualization tool they need. With the volume and type of data constantly growing and changing, its become costly, time consuming, and difficult for media companies to upload and analyse all their data. Data analysts at these companies have become increasingly dependent on IT and engineering teams to ingest the data and transform it for querying.

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Panoply simplifies financial data warehouse management

Many financial services companies today suffer from siloed data within legacy data warehouse infrastructure, which causes massive delays to gaining financial insights on time, affecting the overall agility to carry out time-sensitive financial decisions to boost revenue, reduce cost, or assess a market risk in near real-time.

Panoply, a smart financial services data warehouse, immediately solves this problem by empowering Financial Analysts and Risk Managers to upload and access any data source they need and have it automatically modeled, seamlessly connected to their visualization tool of choice, and ready to be queried in minutes, not days - without the need of endless coding or help from IT & engineers. That means true agility for your financial analysts and risk managers.

Instantly upload any financial services data

From point of sales solutions like Stripe, to marketing platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter, to Excel and mortgage data, you can add any data source you need to keep track of financial data whether you’re Fortune 100 company or a startup.

Automate storage and query optimization

Financial analyst and risk management teams should focus on gaining insights from raw data faster, not being bogged down with maintaining databases and optimizing data warehouse storage. Panoply automates the maintenance and optimization of data warehouse storage and queries, enabling your financial analytics to run more efficiently, virtually eliminating concurrency.

Connect product data sources to any BI tool

Seamlessly connect your financial services data to any business intelligence visualization tool you need right from Panoply’s dashboard and start sharing and querying it immediately.

Some common data sources used by successful financial services and insurance companies that are easily integrated with Panoply include:

  • Accounting & accounts payable
  • Billing solutions
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Financial planning
  • Mortgage & debt data
  • Human resources
  • Vendor contracts
  • Investment management
  • Credit & lead scoring
  • Financial valuations

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