Sync, Store & Access All Your Data

Power your analytics with Panoply. Get a cloud warehouse and seamless ETL integrations for top-tier data infrastructure without writing any code. Connect your favorite data sources and BI tools in minutes.

Store & sync all your data

Connect within minutes to 60+ data sources, from APIs and databases to object stores and file systems.
Sync data

from popular cloud software like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Shopify

Simplify & accelerate

data syncs and storage by using a modern ELT infrastructure

Easily replicate relational databases

including Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Redshift, and BigQuery

Automatically transform NoSQL data

from sources like MongoDB, DynamoDB, and Elasticsearch into relational tables

Sync, parse, and structure

CSV & TSV, XLS, JSON, and server log files into easy-to-access tables

Unlock even more data

with plug-and-play integrations to 60+ more data sources through trusted Panoply partners

My favorite facet of Panoply is how easy it is to add new data sources to our warehouse. It’s point and click and the data’s there. It’s fantastic.
José Akle Data Team Lead, Resuelve Tu Deuda

Manage your data with ease

Panoply effortlessly scales to meet your needs as your business grows
Scale storage automatically

and cost-effectively, without tedious manual resizing or help from Engineering or IT

Govern your data

with role-based permissions and table-level access control

Get world-class security

with industry-leading AWS infrastructure

Analyze your data

using standard SQL that works with all major workbenches and BI tools

Get visibility

into your data pipeline with job scheduling and monitoring

Get the support you need

from our self-service Help Center, live chat, or expert Data Architects

We’ve seen drastic improvements in query speed with Panoply. It’s been great empowering everyone to pull and manipulate data on their own.
Daniel Leeb Founder, Saucey

Secure & Reliable

Secure, stable, and reliable infrastructure

As with any AWS cloud-hosted solution, responsibility for security is shared between Panoply and AWS.

Panoply uses Amazon's secure cloud infrastructure to store data logically across multiple AWS cloud regions and availability zones.

Panoply is SOC 2 certified and adheres to HIPAA protocol guidelines. In addition, it rests on Amazon's AWS which complies with standards including: PCI-DSSL SOC 2, SOC 3, FISMA, and FedRamp.

In line with best practices, every process runs in its own secure isolated container.

Layered security and anomaly protocols

Panoply takes multiple precautions to ensure all data is safe and secure.

Customers control the security measures they implement to protect their content, platform, applications, systems, and networks.
Panoply’s permissions enable customers to restrict access to specific tables and views for hierarchical security protocol.
We use a network that is segmented using AWS security groups, VPCs, ACLs, and additional custom measures.


Security measures are analyzed regularly to ensure Panoply is using cutting-edge protocols.

Panoply conducts monthly internal audits and reviews of risk assessments, system configurations, and policies.
Panoply conducts annual gray-box penetration tests on all of its code.
Panoply's network security is monitored, logged, and analyzed 24/7.

What's under the hood

Easy-to-use cloud data warehousing and ETL saves you time and resources.

Automated ETL

Forget endless hours of coding and modeling with automated ETL that makes it simple to sync, store, and access your data.

Data integration

Sync data from over 60+ sources, including databases, APIs, and file systems directly into a managed Redshift instance.

  • Connect to data sources in a few clicks
  • Easily integrate third-party SaaS APIs
  • Integrate popular data storage services

Data schema modeling

Panoply's adaptive schema changes in real time with your data. Updates are seamless, just load the data in and you're good to go.

  • Keep setup simple with automatic data type identification and schema generation
  • Data formats like CSV, TSV, JSON, and XML are automatically transformed into queryable tables
  • Nested data is flattened or placed into subtables for easier JOINs and analysis
  • IP data is translated into human-readable location data & app event data is parsed to provide user agent information like browser and OS

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