We've got big news: Panoply is now available on Google BigQuery!   🚀 Tell me more Big news: Panoply is now available on Google BigQuery!

Sync, store & access your data

Panoply Cloud Data Platform

Tap into your data with just a few clicks

No-code data integrations with zero maintenance
Connections to all your business data, from Amazon S3 to Zendesk
Automatic updates keep data fresh
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Keep a copy of your data in the cloud

Complete control over the tables you store for each data source
World-class security, including SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance
99.99% uptime so your data’s ready when you are

Get analysis-ready data at your fingertips

Easy SQL-based view creation to apply key business logic
Table-level user permissions for fine-grained control
Plug-and-play compatibility with analytical & BI tools
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Minimum busywork. Maximum impact.

Easy to manage syncing & storage
Automatic data type detection
Built-in performance monitoring
Hands-free scaling as your data grows
Pre-built SQL queries
Support for every user

Eliminate data headaches

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