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Panoply Cloud Data Platform

Sync, store & leverage your data

Sync all your business data

No-code data connectors.
Connect data sources in just a few clicks

Add a data source to Panoply

Managed ELT connectors with zero maintenance

Your data source settings

Schedule collections to keep data fresh

Your connected data sources

Advanced settings to control your data

Customizable advanced settings for each data source

Store your data securely in the cloud

Control the tables you store for each data source

Explore collected table details

Auto-detect data types

Auto-detect data types

Table-level user permissions

Table-level user permissions

Easily monitor job status

Monitor the jobs in your data warehouse

Leverage insights to drive decisions


Incredible no-code query builder that puts data in everyone's hands

Built-in no-code Query Builder

A powerful workbench for SQL-based data exploration

Built-in SQL Workbench


Built-in dashboards for quick insights & visualization

Built-in Dashboards

Plug-and-play compatibility with external BI tools

Built-in Dashboards

Data security & compliance

Panoply features SOC-Type 2 security, and enables compliance with FINRA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Ranked #1 in customer reviews

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“ We were struggling to process a query on SQL Server/Crystal Reports which took 2.5 hours to run. With Panoply, we experienced almost a 70% improvement in runtime, down to 48 minutes!
Adam Bender - Director of Finance & BI, Park Dental