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Unblock vital healthcare data

Caring for patients is job #1 in healthcare, but having the right data is essential to making informed decisions about treatment and prevention.

Get code-free connections to top data sources so you can stay on top of critical information while keeping patient details secure.

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Simplify your healthcare data management

Say goodbye to siloed data and rigid legacy data infrastructure with a secure cloud data platform designed to keep your data flowing.

Panoply puts analysis-ready, HIPAA-compliant data at your fingertips with:

  • Code-free connections to top data sources
  • Centralized storage to create a single source of truth
  • Seamless integrations with analytics and BI tools
Capture all the data your company needs to guide key decisions, including:
Appointments and test results
Patient engagement, care & treatment
Electronic medical records (EMRs)
Billing, payments, and insurance claims
Vendor contracts and inventory details
Accounting and finance info
Website engagement and user behavior
Marketing and advertising performance
Store data securely in the cloud
Panoply includes HIPAA-compliant storage so you can store sensitive patient data without worrying.
Make data-informed decisions
Have the data you need at your fingertips, whether you're on the frontline with patients or running the back office.
Focus on what matters
Offload tedious data management and put an end to manual spreadsheet updates and gain time to discover insights.

Getting started is easy

Set up a data warehouse & connect your data in minutes.

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