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Finance Data Warehouse

Better data for better forecasting

You know your way around some numbers, but getting your hands on the data you need to evaluate your current finances and create projections can be a real pain.

Panoply makes it simple to get your hands on your data. With code-free connections to top data sources and built-in storage, the info you need is always at your fingertips.

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Simplify financial data management

Fuel your reporting with analysis-ready data from every corner of your business. With Panoply, you get:

  • Code-free connections to your data sources
  • Centralized storage for a single source of truth
  • Seamless integrations with analytics & BI tools
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Easily connect all your financial data
From QuickBooks to Salesforce to Stripe, tap into the data you need to understand the health of your business.
Keep your BI up to date
Seamlessly update dashboards and reporting by powering your BI and analytical tools with data that's ready for analysis when you are.
Concentrate on the bottom line
Say goodbye to tedious data management so you can focus on the bigger picture: building budgets & projecting revenue.

Getting started is easy

Set up a data warehouse & connect your data in minutes.

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