Imagine all your financial data & BI tools in one data warehouse

Gain critical actionable insights faster to improve your financial planning. Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) requires gathering, sorting, and analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources in near real-time. For financial and risk analysts at companies big and small alike its becoming a challenge to keep up with all the disparate data sources and rendering them into query ready format within one dashboard.

The first step to overcome this challenge is setting up an agile, smart cloud data warehouse that can automatically ingest and transform vast amounts of raw financial and accounting data in minutes, not days, and render it immediately ready for querying analysis. These are pivotal, yet time-consuming and resource intensive tasks for financial, accounting, and risk analyst teams to carry out. Panoply’s smart cloud data warehouse simply automates these key tasks, empowering analysts to be self reliant with their data without the IT engineering bottlenecks.

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Instantly upload any financial data source

From spreadsheets, to Quickbooks, to marketing platforms and point of sales (POS) tech like Stripe and Braintree, you can add any data source or file you need to gather and materialize the data for actionable insights in near record time.

Automate storage and query optimization

Panoply automates the maintenance and optimization of data warehouse storage as well as queries, enabling financial analytics to run more efficiently, virtually eliminating concurrency.

Connect finance data sources to any BI tool

With Panoply, seamlessly connect your financial data sources to any BI visualization tool you need right from Panoply’s dashboard and start querying it immediately.

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