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Analysis is complex. Accessing your data shouldn’t be.

We’re committed to making it easy for companies to sync, store, and access all their data.

We’re here because we’ve been there

We’re a group of data geeks—a title we wear with pride—that know how frustrating it is when your data is locked away in some departmental silo, when you don’t have time to build data pipelines, when you can’t wait until next sprint, next month, or next quarter to get your hands on mission-critical data.

We built Panoply to relieve that frustration and to make it possible for every company of any size to do advanced analysis without the overhead that comes with traditional data infrastructure.

Our leadership team

Yaniv Leven

Yaniv Leven

Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Yaniv’s vision inspires the Panoply team to create tools designed to transform companies’ relationship to data. While CFO at Mytopia and COO at Win, he gained extensive (read: exhausting) experience getting analytics off the ground. At both companies, he spearheaded data-driven optimization through the development of analytics platforms, so he knows what it takes to “make data happen” across an organization.
Paul Friesen

Paul Friesen

Paul is a growth-focused leader with a broad background in SaaS products. Prior to Panoply, Paul served as VP of Marketing at Algolia, a search-as-a-service company, and led marketing for Atlassian’s Ecosystem and Marketplace arms. His data-oriented focus on growth means he knows the value of a good metric and the importance of looking beyond the surface to find the measures that really matter.
Roi Avinoam

Roi Avinoam

CTO and Co-Founder
Roi passionately believes that data should be as essential to companies—and as easy to use—as Slack. As CTO at Mytopia and Win, he experienced the difficulty of supporting data needs throughout the organization. His teams processed over 200 million data points each day, information that multimillion dollar companies used to enhance acquisition, increase retention, and create monetization strategies.
Dima Dobrinsky

Dima Dobrinsky

VP of Engineering
Dima loves finding the right solution for the right problem. He has more than 20 years of deep technology experience, having served as VP of R&D at multiple companies including Consolid—an ML-based search and match platform—and Comigo, a television platform empowered by AI. At Panoply, he works to translate customer needs into next-generation tools that provide value to both technical and non-technical users.

Meet the Panoplayers

It’s the people that make Panoply the creative and innovative startup it is. Join an extraordinary team of technologists and Jedis that are changing the data universe!

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We’re thrilled to work with visionary backers who share our obsession with data.

C5 Capital invests in Panoply.io
Intel Capital invests in Panoply.io
Ibex Investors invests in Panoply.io
Blumberg Capital invests in Panoply.io

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