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Analysis is complex.

Accessing your data shouldn't be 

We’re a group of data geeks—a title we wear with pride—that know how frustrating it is when your data is locked away in some departmental silo, when you don’t have time to build data pipelines, when you can’t wait until next sprint, next month, or next quarter to get your hands on mission-critical data.
We built Panoply to relieve that frustration and to make it possible for every company of any size to do advanced analysis without the overhead that comes with traditional data infrastructure.

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Panoply is now part of SQream 💜
provides an analytics platform that minimizes Total Time to Insights (TTTI) for time-sensitive data at any scale, both on-prem and on-cloud. Designed for the new category of tera-to-peta-scale data, the GPU-powered platform enables enterprises to rapidly ingest and analyze their growing data – providing full-picture visibility for improved customer experience, operational efficiency, increased revenue, and previously unobtainable business insights.
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