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What We Do

Our story begins with an idea: In the Big Data era, free up your data engineers and scientists, and you create value for your customers and your business. It’s simple, right? We believe in taking the load off the IT and data engineers that have long been mired in time-intensive tasks like schema building, data mining, complex modeling, performance tuning... Our easy-to-use platform gives small and medium businesses the tools to harness Big Data and get analytics quickly, so they can make faster and better business decisions.

Meet the Panoplayers

It’s the people that make Panoply the creative and innovative startup it is. An extraordinary team of technologists and Jedis that are changing the data universe!

A Solid Foundation

Panoply is financially backed by leading investors such as Intel Capital and Blumberg Capital and we are proud of having them on our corner.

Our Community

Join our meetups in New York and San Francisco to learn about Big Data infrastructure and all-things-data while networking with some of the best technical data Jedis and Padawans of the Federation.

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