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Gain critical actionable product analytics in near record time.

Tracking how well your product is doing from a myriad of different customer touch points creates vast amounts of data to process, sort and analyze. For Product Managers and Directors at companies big and small, its becoming a challenge, affecting overall product development and revenue channels. The best solution to this challenge is to set up an agile, smart cloud data warehouse that can automatically ingest and transform vast amounts of cohort metrics and engagement, churn, ARPU and attribution data in minutes - not days, and render it immediately ready for querying. These are crucial, time consuming and resource intensive tasks for Product Management teams that Panoply can easily automate thanks to its smart cloud data warehouse technology:

  • Instantly upload any product engagement data into Panoply’s data warehouse

From Mixpanel to Flurry to Appsflyer you can add any product analytics data source - including for mobile apps, which you need to keep track of key product KPIs such as churn or retention, touch point engagement, ARPU and attribution.

  • Simply automate storage and query optimization

Panoply empowers Product Managers to focus on gaining faster insights from product usage metrics, rather than resolving bottleneck issues relating to maintaining databases and optimizing data warehouse storage. Panoply automates the maintenance and optimization of data warehouse storage as well as queries, enabling your product analytics metrics to run more efficiently, virtually eliminating concurrency.

  • Connect any product analytics data source to visualization tools

*Seamlessly connect your product analytics data to any business intelligence visualization tool you need right from Panoply’s dashboard and start querying it immediately. Our customers depend on Panoply’s lightning fast ability to ingest a wide range of the leading visualization tools and product metrics-related data sources, APIs, and files.

Here are some of the popular product analytics data sources and tools easily integrated into Panoply - with no ETL engineering or extra coding required:



















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Panoply is the first smart product analytics metrics data warehouse-as-a-service in the world

See how Product Directors and Managers use Panoply’s automated smart cloud data warehouse to gain fast actionable product insights to make impactful, time-sensitive product development, revenue generation, and roadmap decisions for their businesses:




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