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Data Security & Compliance

Panoply knows that data security is a primary concern and we are committed to protecting your data from both malicious attacks and the common mistakes that might be made by your employees while they work with the data.

SOC 2 - Type 2

Panoply has been audited against and found compliant with SOC 2 security, availability, and confidentiality principles by an independent auditor.


Stay GDPR compliant with different storage region availability


Enable FINRA compliance by excluding sensitive data from your warehouse


BAA available to maintain your PHI security and HIPAA compliance


Where will Panoply store my data?

Panoply is built on top of Redshift or BigQuery, and uses the latest security patches and encryption capabilities provided by the underlying platform, like hardware accelerated RSA encryption and the built in data warehouse specific sets of security measures and features.
Panoply utilizes Google’s multi-region dataset locations allowing users on BigQuery to select US or EU as dataset locations.

How does Panoply use my data?

We don’t - we will never access or download your data, without your explicit permission.

Can I keep sensitive data out of Panoply?

Yes, you may choose to not load all of your data into Panoply by omitting specific columns. This is useful for anonymity, where the actual contents of the data are not relevant for your analysis. A good example is credit card information. You can learn more about 'exclude' options in the advanced settings documentation for each data source.

Does Panoply support teams?

Yes, Panoply has three default teams: Viewers, Editors, and Admins. The database owner is assigned to the Admins group, and all other users are initially assigned to the Editors group. The database owner cannot be deleted. If you need to change the database owner to another user, please contact Panoply Support.

Do different teams have different permission levels?

Yes, Admins can edit, add and remove any table or data source. They have full access to the platform and all data stored in your account. Editors can add, edit, and remove any table and have full control over data sources. Viewers can see or query the data in tables shared with them, but cannot change or share the tables with others.

team permission levels

Does Panoply allow IP Whitelisting?

All of Panoply's data sources always use the same range of IP addresses to access your database. In order to allow Panoply to access your database, you can whitelist the provided range of IP addresses in your firewall/network configuration.

How does Panoply transfer data?

Many of our data sources use SSL, which is a secured way to transfer data. Some SSL connections require users to add certificates to verify the receiver

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