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As a startup, you're often up against much larger competitors and need to make critical business decisions based on near real-time data insights. Panoply is the right data warehouse solution to help you level the playing field. We’ll empower anyone at your company working with analytics to set up a data warehouse and upload any data source on their own so that they can get actionable data insights in the shortest amount of time - we're talking minutes not days, with no coding or help needed from IT and Engineering teams. This means lightning fast answers to queries and immediate insights for your startup's business decisions.

Panoply is the great fit for startups that:

  • Need to do more analytics with less resources
  • Looking for truly affordable scalability & data storage
  • Require actionable data insights in minutes, not days
  • Must democratize analytics for faster business decisions

Panoply is the best fit for startups that:

  • Need to do more with less resources
  • Looking for truly affordable scalability
  • Require data insights in minutes, not days
  • Empower anyone to do data analytics

Automated performance optimization - your data engineer in a box

Panoply automates the most time and labor intensive aspects of operating a data warehouse - data source ingestion, query optimization, and storage management, by using machine learning and natural language processes that learns to optimize performance the more you use Panoply.

With Panoply you get to:

  • Upload any data source, file, or API you want
  • Use one simple dashboard and auto-modeled data tables
  • Connect seamlessly to any BI visualization tool
  • Work with standard SQL and R when needed

With Panoply you get to use:

  • Upload any data source, file, or API you want
  • An easy-to-use dashboard and auto-modeled data tables
  • Seamless connections to any BI and visualization tool
  • Standard SQL and R

Data-driven teams ♥︎ Panoply

Panoply gave me speed, automation, efficiency, and flexibility - without blowing up my budget, increasing my headcount, or adding complexity.
Helena Carre
EMEA Omnichannel Analytics
Setup took literally minutes, and presto! We got a fully automated data warehouse with our product and marketing data.
Ami Goldernberg
Co-Founder and CTO
Panoply saved us time spent on data maintenance and tuning, allowing data engineers to focus on delivering business insights.
Kai Rikhye
Lead Data Engineer
I can collect and manage my data without even talking to engineering – it’s a godsend.
Justin Mulvaney
Data Analyst
Panoply took away the need to support countless ETL processes. Now our analysts can focus on providing insights to the organization.
Ziv Isaiah
Founder and CTO
Panoply let’s me know what’s going on in our data. It’s been a huge win. We can now more accurately assess and escalate customer issues.
Robert Curtis
Head of Success

We know what startups need to be successful

Panoply is a startup itself and understands how important it is to provide startups with an end-to-end, plug & play data stack solution that makes sure every dollar you invest results in immediate ROI. That’s why Panoply has made its pricing simple, transparent and upfront. It’s especially designed for agile startups, small and mid-market businesses that don’t have the capital to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into data warehouse storage and maintenance or to hire teams of data engineers to maintain data warehouses and data lakes.

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