Simple data management to speed up Media & Publishing data analytics

Adtech, media, and online publishing companies can now combine large amounts of any data from content consumption and customer engagement, to advertiser revenue metrics, promotional campaign tracking, and other mission-critical activities to boost revenue, site traffic, and customer retention.

  • Anyone can set up Panoply’s automated data warehouse in just a few clicks. No coding or even SQL is required to gather all your data in one place.
  • Data-centric online publishers and digital media companies can collect all their data, automatically sort it for querying, and seamlessly connect it to any BI tool.
  • Avoid the usual bottlenecks: data collection time, waiting for IT engineering, and hanging queries. Collect data in minutes, on your own, without needing IT help.
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Panoply simplifies data warehouse management with an end-to-end solution

Boost revenue, improve customer retention, and track advertising & marketing campaigns with the help of Panoply’s automated cloud data management solution.

  • You can add any data, starting with the over 100 data sources integrated with Panoply’s data warehouse management solution.
  • Automated performance optimization gives you critical data insights thanks to 100x faster queries and 10x faster-loading analytics dashboard times.
  • An affordable, transparent, and upfront data management solution will empower analysts to data mine, model, and discover data to get critical business insights.
Instantly combine any media and publisher data
From revenue stream and user behavior tracking technologies to ad exchanges and social media platforms to marketing automation solutions, you can add any data source you need to keep track of your data.
Automate storage and query optimizatio
Panoply automatically optimizes your data for better performance and automates database maintenance. Also, we give you the control to materialize views for additional performance.
Connect product data sources to any BI tool
Seamlessly connect your data sources to any business intelligence visualization tool, including Tableau, Chartio, or Looker right from Panoply’s dashboard and start querying it immediately.
Some common data sources used by successful digital media and online publishers that can be unified and easily integrated with Panoply include:
Tracking subscriptions and other revenue streams
Billing and payments
Data on website content consumption & user behavior
Integrate martech / adtech stack data for analytics & automation<
Generate deep insights on audience profiles and customer journeys

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