Webinar: Winning with Data - A Panoply Customer Roundtable
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Transform data to insights in minutes

Panoply is a smart cloud data warehouse that automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data.

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Be data-driven in 3 simple steps

Panoply makes it easy to build a cloud data warehouse in minutes

Step 1

Collect data with zero coding

Whether it's Salesforce, Facebook Ads, PostgreSQL or anything in-between. Just select your data source and start loading data into your Panoply data warehouse. We have over 100 native data integrations and an SDK to build custom integrations.

Step 2

Data modeling on auto-pilot

Data is automatically modeled inside Panoply. So as new types of data become available, they're instantly added to your cloud data warehouse. Stop sending messages to IT asking for help.

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Step 3

Discover your insights

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Panoply provides a single source of data truth that's compatible with all major business intelligence tools.

Works with any visualization tool

Fuel your business intelligence with Panoply

Panoply automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data
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Data-driven teams ♥︎ Panoply

Setup took literally minutes, and presto! We got a fully automated data warehouse with our product and marketing data.
Ami Goldernberg
Co-Founder and CTO
Panoply gave me speed, automation, efficiency, and flexibility - without blowing up my budget, increasing my headcount, or adding complexity.
Helena Carre
EMEA Omnichannel Analytics
Panoply saved us time spent on data maintenance and tuning, allowing data engineers to focus on delivering business insights.
Kai Rikhye
Lead Data Engineer
I can collect and manage my data without even talking to engineering – it’s a godsend.
Justin Mulvaney
Data Analyst
Panoply took away the need to support countless ETL processes. Now our analysts can focus on providing insights to the organization.
Ziv Isaiah
Founder and CTO
Panoply let’s me know what’s going on in our data. It’s been a huge win. We can now more accurately assess and escalate customer issues.
Robert Curtis
Head of Success
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