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Upgrade your e-commerce analytics

When margins are low, data should be a high priority. Keep tabs on your customers, inventory, and profits by taking control of your company's data.

Panoply's code-free cloud data platform makes it easy to sync, store, and access all your data, unlocking actionable insights in a fraction of the time...and without waiting on help from IT or Engineering.

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Simplify e-commerce data management

Fuel your BI tools with analysis-ready data from every corner of your business. With Panoply, you get:

  • Code-free connections to your data sources
  • Centralized storage for a single source of truth
  • Seamless integrations with analytics & BI tools
“ Panoply just works.
Bob Vermeulen - Director of CRM, Shinesty
Capture all the e-commerce and retail data you need to guide key decisions, including:
Sales & customer data
Ad spend & performance
Inventory & SKUs
Marketing analytics & automation
Supply chain and logistics data
Vendor contracts
Finance & accounting
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Get a competitive edge
Don't settle for canned reporting that every e‑tailer can access. Discover deeper insights in your data and boost revenue.
Store your data in the cloud
From critical inventory numbers to detailed marketing spend to key sales stats, centralize your data with code-free data connections.
Concentrate on the bottom line
Offload tedious data management so you and your team can focus on what really matters: building your business.

Getting started is easy

Set up a data warehouse & connect your data in minutes.

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