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  • 25 million rows
  • Up to 12.5 GB of storage
  • Unlimited queries


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  • 100 million rows
  • Up to 50 GB of storage
  • Unlimited queries


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  • Any # of sources
  • Any # of rows
  • Elastic storage
  • Unlimited queries

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Panoply Smart Data Warehouse: You can start with Panoply for as little as $249. Thanks to its automated AI cloud technology, Panoply empowers anyone working with analytics to set up a data warehouse on their own in minutes, freeing up IT resources and eliminating costly, time-consuming engineering tasks.

Panoply Features

Unlimited Queries
Automated Backups
Data Archiving
25 million rows
12.5 GB
1 source
90 days
Sun-Fri Live Chat
100 million rows
50 GB
3 sources
180 days
Sun-Fri Live Chat
200 million rows
100 GB
5 sources
365 days
24/7 Live Chat
24/7 Live Chat

Common Questions

What am I paying for?

It’s simple. Panoply’s pricing is based on the amount of storage and number of data integrations you use. With every plan, you get unlimited queries, data source integrations, and as many admin accounts as needed. What’s more, thanks to Panoply’s automated storage performance optimization, we actually save you on the storage costs so you can feel free to experiment and discover new insights as you’re data mining across all your data sources. To test out Panoply's proof of concept, you can try it for free with a 21-day trial, which unlocks all of Panoply's features and lets you collect, combine, and query your data as well as connect it to a BI visualization tool.

How is Panoply different than other cloud data warehouses?

Only with Panpoly can you get:
  • Unlimited queries (others charge you a LOT as you query more)
  • Live chat support during business hours and 24/7 support from a dedicated data architect for certain plans
  • Built in ETL/ELT data sources that collect data in a simple click
  • Built in query optimization engine that learns as you query and ensures your queries are always running quickly
  • Simple UI that anyone can use to add additional data, including everyday business users like marketers, product manager, ops managers, etc

What if I need more storage as my business scales?

Panoply’s pricing is upfront and transparent. There are no overage fees or penalties. You only pay for the database storage you need. You can always contact our Customer Success team at any time should you ever need additional storage. Feel free to contact our Sales Team if you are looking for a more customized package or have any questions about our pricing. You can also chat with us right now, just click on the chat icon on the lower right-hand corner of your screen to ask a question.

Are there any additional costs for onboarding or customer support?

Panoply will provide a free customized demo and onboarding process. Customer support is part of every plan and we offer a package that includes a dedicated Data Architect should you need one. You can schedule a free customized demo with a DA right now to learn more.

Can you tell me more about your Enterprise solution?

Panoply offers a smart data warehouse solution for enterprise companies. Our solution auto-scales seamlessly to keep up with your company’s needs while reducing server costs. Panoply can also work with your legacy data warehouse platform, expediting data collection and boosting the speed of your analytics reporting dashboard. You can learn more here or go to our blog to read about how Panoply saved one of our enterprise customers, Kimberly-Clark, $250,000.

What are your Terms of Service, Security, and Privacy policies?

Our Terms of Service are simple, yet thorough. We also are aware that we’re dealing with your sensitive data, which is why Panoply takes privacy and security very seriously. We are GDPR and Soc2 compliant and follow HIPAA guidelines. Read more about our Privacy Policy and get an overview of our security and compliance.

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