100+ Integrations

Consolidate the data from your databases, cloud services, and applications in minutes using one of our out-of-the-box integrations — or push the data directly from your own apps and services using our powerful set of SDKs.

BI Tools

Panoply is an all-in-one data management platform that automates data ingestion, optimizes query performance and requires zero ongoing maintenance. In just minutes, you can set up a cloud data warehouse for integrating any structured, unstructured or semi-structured data in just minutes and seamlessly connect it to any BI tool - without the help of your IT team or the need for an ETL tool.

Panoply not only lets you collect over 100 data sources into a cloud data warehouse in only a few clicks, but it lets you mesh them together for a truly 360-degree view of your business. What’s more, with Panoply’s built-in automated optimization, your reporting dashboards will run 10x faster whether you’re using Tableau, Looker, Chartio, or PowerBI.