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In marketing and sales, there is often a gold mine hidden within SalesForce data. But mining for gold requires significant analyses, often integrating that data with other data sources. Panoply is an end-to-end, machine learning, automated data management and warehousing platform. Its functionality makes it easier to turn that raw data into analysis in less time.

SalesForce, a cloud computing company known for its feature rich CRM, easily integrates with the Panoply platform. With Panoply, SalesForce data becomes an immediate part of your data warehouse without requiring any costly infrastructure. Panoply’s self-optimizing system shortens data management time and reduces the need for a complex data infrastructure.

Sales reports and data queries can be generated from within Panoply within minutes, with no custom scripts necessary. With Panoply, no ETL or ELT support is necessary to have actionable data that addresses key business questions and drives decisions across departments.

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