Salesforce Setup Guide
  • 26 Jul 2021
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Salesforce Setup Guide

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Users must have permissions within Salesforce to access the data. Some Salesforce customers on Salesforce’s lower level pricing tiers may not use the Salesforce API. This is controled by Salesforce. To learn more, see the Salesforce API Access Control.


Salesforce Login Limits Salesforce limits access tokens to five devices per logged in user. This includes logins to the Salesforce application and any use of that account to connect with Panoply. This means that if you create more than four Salesforce data sources in your Panoply account, you will revoke the access token for one of those sources and any automated collection for that source will no longer run.


Salesforce limits the number of API calls made in a rolling 24 hour period to 700,000. The number of API calls used by a user may vary. To prevent API call limits Panoply uses the fewest possible API calls necessary. Our approach reschedules calls for one hour later once we reach 90% of the API call limit.

If the connected user has View Setup and Configuration permissions in Salesforce, Panoply will automatically prevent consumption of all the available API calls.

To configure this data source and collect Salesforce data:

  1. On the Data Sources page, click Add Data Source.
  2. Search for Salesforce, then select the Salesforce source.
  3. Click Login and follow the Salesforce authorization process to allow Panoply to access your data.
  4. Once logged in, Panoply will display the available data. Salesforce uses the word "objects" when referring to the data. Select the data to collect. For more information on Salesforce objects, see the Data Dictionary.
    • Analytics users find these objects to be the most useful:
      • Account
      • Case
      • Contact
      • Event
      • Lead
      • Opportunity
      • Task
      • User
      • Campaign
      • Campaign Member
      • Contract
      • Opportunity Contact Role
      • Price Book
      • Price Book Entry
  5. Click Save Changes and then click Collect.
    • The data source appears grayed out while the collection runs.
    • You may add additional data sources while this collection runs.
    • You can monitor this collection from the Jobs page or the Data Sources page.
    • After a successful collection, navigate to the Tables page to review the data results.

This is all that is necessary to start collecting your data from Salesforce, however there are a number of Advanced Settings you can use to customize your data source. We do not recommend changing Advanced Settings unless you are an experienced Panoply user.

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