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Form Submission Analysis

This query calculates metrics about form submissions and the context of the form submissions. This data is pulled from the Hubspot API into Panoply.

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WITH form_submissions
AS (
  SELECT s."conversion-id" submission_id,
    TIMESTAMP 'epoch' + s.TIMESTAMP / 1000 * INTERVAL '1 second' submission_timestamp,
    row_number() OVER (
      PARTITION BY s.hubspot_contacts_id ORDER BY s.TIMESTAMP
      ) submission_order,
    s."page-id" page_id,
    s."page-url" page_url,
    s."page-title" page_title,
    s.title form_title,
    s."form-id" form_id,
  FROM "hubspot_contacts_form-submissions" s
SELECT f.guid form_id,
  f.name form_current_name,
  count(DISTINCT fs.submission_id) total_submissions,
  count(DISTINCT fs.hubspot_contacts_id) total_contacts,
  count(DISTINCT CASE WHEN submission_order = 1 THEN fs.submission_id END) first_submissions,
  round(total_submissions::FLOAT / total_contacts, 2) submission_per_contact
FROM hubspot_forms f
JOIN form_submissions fs ON fs.form_id = f.guid
WHERE submission_timestamp > CURRENT_DATE - 28
GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5;

Query Results Dictionary

Column Description  
form_id Hubspot’s internal canonical form identifier, sometimes referred to as the guid  
form_current_name Most recent name of the form in the Hubspot app (form names are mutable)  
page_url The full URL the form was submitted on excluding protocol  
page_title The title of the page where the form was submitted at the time of submission  
form_title The name of the form at the time of submission  
total_submissions Count of unique form submissions for each form, also referred to as “conversions”  
total_contacts Count of unique contacts who submitted each form  
first_submissions Count of times that this was a contacts’ first form submission (often point of acquisition)
submission_per_contact Average number of submission per contact  



This query can be used to create a bar chart that identifies the most commonly submitted Hubspot forms. Further modification could allow you to analyze the form submission over time, or the sequence of form submissions for each contact.


Remove the dimensions of the query to aggregate the metrics at a higher level. For instance, if one form can be submitted on multiple pages, removing the page_url and page_title dimensions would provide form-level metrics only. Modify the submission_timestamp comparison in the WHERE clause to change the time frame of the analysis.