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Campaigns Metrics per Month

This query aggregates multiple metrics per month for all the campaigns.

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    date_part(YEAR, c.start_time) AS "Ad Start Year",
    date_part(MONTH, c.start_time) AS "Ad Start Month",
    sum(i.clicks) as monthly_clicks,
    sum(i.unique_clicks) as monthly_unique_clicks,
    avg(i.clicks) as avg_clicks_per_ad,
        1.0 * sum(i.clicks) / nullif(sum(unique_clicks), 0),
    ) as clicks_per_user,
    round(sum(i.cpc * i.clicks), 4) as total_cost,
    round(avg(i.cpc), 4) as avg_cost_per_click,
    round(avg(i.cpm), 4) as avg_cost_per_1000_impressions,
    round(avg(i.cpp), 4) as avg_cost_per_purchase,
    avg(i.ctr) as avg_ctr,
    avg(i.unique_ctr) as avg_unique_ctr
    fb_ads_campaigns c
    left join fb_ads_insights i on c.campaign_id = i.campaign_id
group by 1, 2
order by 1, 2;

Query Results Dictionary

Column Description
Ad Start Year Year of aggregation.
Ad Start Month Month of aggregation.
monthly_clicks Total monthly clicks.
monthly_unique_clicks Total monthly unique clicks.
avg_clicks_per_ad Average clicks per ad.
clicks_per_user Average clicks per user.
total_cost total cost.
avg_cost_per_click Average cost per click per ad.
avg_cost_per_1000_impressions Average cost per 1,000 impressions per ad.
avg_cost_per_purchase Average cost per purchase (Facebook pixel) per ad.
avg_ctr Average click-through rate.
avg_unique_ctr Average unique click-through rate.



This query can be used to create line charts per metric or a high level overview of the Facebook Ads’ campaigns per month.