WooCommerce is an open source eCommerce platform. WooCommerce is built on WordPress, which is in turn built on MySQL. Users can easily sync their WooCommerce data to Panoply using the MySQL integration.

Panoply makes it easier than ever to access your Woocommerce data. Explore it in SQL or connect your favorite BI tools and analytical notebooks for custom data visualization and advanced analytics.

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Woocommerce Data Integration


Finding the right balance between making your Ecommerce data accessible and maintaining control over your Woocommerce account can be tricky. Panoply’s combination of ETL and data warehousing is an easy way to share data without giving everyone in the company the login. In just a few minutes, connect to Panoply to create a secure copy of your data that can be sent to your favorite business intelligence tool. With that pipeline in place, your data stays safe and your team can create the reports and dashboards they need.


Panoply has given us drastic improvements in query speed and brought all our data in one place. Our visualizations are much more fast and efficient.
Andrew Zeck - CTO and Co-founder, Saucey
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