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Harvest Forecast

Harvest Forecast is a Partner Data Source. Please see our Documentation to learn more about partner data sources.
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Sync Harvest Forecast data into Panoply

ETL the Modern Way. Get your data out of Harvest Forecast so you can analyze it.
Here’s a sample of the raw Harvest Forecast data that Panoply will replicate to your warehouse:
Details about specific assignments, including start dates, the number of hours allocated for the assignment, and the associated project and person IDs.
Client information, such as name, contact info, and the currency code associated with the client.
Info about project milestones including the milestone name and date.
Data about the people associated with a project in Harvest. Includes details such as name, role, the number of hours they can work each week, and their availability by day of week.
Details about your projects including project ID, name, associated client, start date, and any tags associated with the project.
Data about the roles in your Harvest account including name, ID, and the ID of the people associated with the role.

Modernizing Harvest Forecast ETL

What is ETL?

Integrating data for analytics can be especially hard in a fast-shifting, rapid growth startup environment, where relevant business data might be spread out across a collection of apps and spreadsheets. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools will help you collect your data from APIs and file transfers (the Extract step), convert them into standardized analytics-ready tables (the Transform step) and put them all into a single data repository (the Load step) to centralize your analytics efforts.

The shift to ELT

The traditional ETL model is a relic of the pre-cloud era, when compute resources were expensive, and everything needed to be cleaned up before analysis. These days, moving the transformation step closer to the time of analysis is not only feasible, it’s desirable. ELT lets you load raw data, increasing your analytical flexibility and moving relevant data more quickly from your engineering team to your analytics and BI teams.

All in one Harvest Forecast data pipeline

Panoply’s 80+ data connectors and built-in automated cloud data warehouse will let you go from a collection of siloed datasets to sophisticated analyses that integrate your Harvest Forecast data in a matter of minutes. Panoply is the only tool that combines an ETL process with a data warehouse, giving you total control over your data from sync to storage. We’ll handle all the infrastructure so you can skip the engineering work and go straight to analysis with your favorite BI tool.


“ Panoply has given us drastic improvements in query speed and brought all our data in one place. Our visualizations in Looker are much more fast and efficient.
John Wessel - Freshwater Systems
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