Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Google Drive.

Integrate Google Drive with a Data Warehouse in Minutes

It takes only a few minutes to integrate Google Drive data into your own data warehouse with Panoply. Google Drive, a cloud based file storage solution used to store most common files, such as photos, spreadsheets, and word processing documents, comes fully integrated into the Panoply platform.

You can import your Google Drive files and data without maintaining an ETL or ELT process, and once stored, that data can be combined and connected with other data sources. Panoply’s Smart Data Warehouse uses machine learning and NLP processes to make data access easy. You can then merge your documents, explore your data, and turn your stored Google Drive information into usable company feedback.

Panoply gives businesses a cloud solution that replaces their entire data infrastructure and comes ready to include Google Drive data without having to write or maintain any custom scripts.

How Panoply Works with Google Drive

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