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Last 7 Days vs Previous 7 Days

This query compares the sessions of the last 7 days to the previous 7 days aggregated by day. This query demonstrates the use of a concept that can be used with any dimension and metric\s, comparing different values of the metric based on different values of the dimension.

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  TO_CHAR(datehour, 'Day') day_of_week,
    CASE WHEN datehour >= current_date - 7
    AND datehour < current_date THEN sessions END
  ) last_7,
    CASE WHEN datehour >= current_date - 14
    AND datehour < current_date - 7 THEN sessions END
  ) previous_7
  public."google-analytics" -- Table name might be different based on Schema and Destination settings in the data source
  datehour >= current_date - 14
  AND datehour < current_date
    CASE WHEN datehour BETWEEN current_date - 7
    AND current_date - 1 THEN datehour END
  ) ASC

Query Results Dictionary

Column Description
day_of_week Day of the week extracted from datehour
last_7 Values for last 7 days
previous_7 Values for previous 7 days


Collect any set of metrics and dimensions with at least one date or timestamp field with the Panoply Google Analytics data source. This example uses the datehour dimension for the date field but it could also use date, or datehourminute. This example also requires the sessions metric.


This query can be used to create a bar chart comparing the last_7 and previous_7 for each day of the week.


The table in the FROM might need to be changed based on Schema and Destination settings in the data source. Other dimensions and metrics can be added to the WHERE as filters and other aggregations can be added on top of last_7 and previous_7.