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Company Count by Market Cap

This query counts how many companies are in each cap size (‘Small Cap’, ‘Mid Cap’ and ‘Large Cap’). This data is pulled from the Hubspot API into Panoply.

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SELECT CASE WHEN annual_revenue < 1000000000 THEN 'Small Cap' WHEN annual_revenue < 10000000000 THEN 'Mid Cap' ELSE 'Large Cap' END AS "Cap Size"
	, count(company_id) AS "Count Companies"
FROM hubspot_companies_consolidated

Query Results Dictionary

Column Description
Cap Size Bin indicating the annual revenue.
Count Companies The number of Hubspot companies that fall into the cap size groupings.



This query can be used to create histogram of companies in each cap size.


Change the bin size by altering the integers in the CASE statement and split the groupings to additional bins by adding additional conditions.