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Monthly Performance Breakdown

This query sums the total cost and conversions by month and year from the adgroup_performance_report.

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  DATE_TRUNC('month', "day") :: date year_month,
  ROUND(SUM(cost :: float / 1000000), 2) cost, -- divide cost by 1000000 to get Dollar since Google Provide Micro Dollar units  - Link to Google Adwords Docs https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/appendix/reports/adgroup-performance-report#cost
  SUM(conversions):: bigint conversions,
  SUM(clicks) clicks,
  SUM(impressions) impressions,
  SUM(clicks :: float)/ SUM(impressions) clickthrough_rate,
  SUM(cost :: float / 1000000)/ SUM(clicks) cost_per_click
  public.adwords_adgroup_performance_report -- Table name might be different based on Schema and Destination settings in the data source
  1 ASC

Query Results Dictionary

Column Description
year_month Year and month extracted from the day column. Values are in date format with the first day of each month to represent that given month.
cost Total monthly cost in Dollars
conversions Total monthly conversions
clicks Total monthly clicks
impressions Total monthly impressions
clickthrough_rate Monthly clicks divided by monthly impressions
cost_per_click Total monthly cost divided by monthly clicks


Collect the Adgroup Performance Report report with the Panoply Adwords API data source.


This query can be used to create a line or bar chart of cost and conversions over time.


The table in the FROM might need to be changed based on Schema and Destination settings in the data source. The columns ad group or campaign can be added to the WHERE as filters or to the SELECT and GROUP BY for an additional level of aggregation granularity.