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Getting your data from CSV to can be a pain. Managing pipelines for all your data sources just isn’t sustainable, but your reporting can’t be put on hold while you wait for IT or Engineering to get to your ticket.

With Panoply, you can eliminate that hassle—and all that wasted time. Set up code-free connections to both CSV and with just a few clicks. Then Panoply will automatically sync your data so it’s ready to analyze when you are.

It’s that simple: Unblock your data with Panoply.

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Code-free data pipeline
Easily connect CSV and all your other data sources with automated integrations that take pipeline management off your to-do list.
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Power BI and analytical tools like with fresh data so your whole team can discover insights that drive your business forward.
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Integrate with CSV in minutes

Finding the right balance between making your Files data accessible and maintaining control over your CSV account can be tricky. Panoply’s combination of ETL and data warehousing is an easy way to share data without giving everyone in the company the login. In just a few minutes, connect to Panoply to create a secure copy of your data that can be sent to your favorite business intelligence tool. With that pipeline in place, your data stays safe and your team can create the reports and dashboards they need.

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CSV Data Warehousing
CSV Business Intelligence

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Integrate with in minutes is an enterprise BI tool that makes it easy for teams to build and share simple and complex SQL queries. Its intuitive UI dashboard suggests relevant choices to add to your queries. Even non-programmers can create colorful dashboards in Trevor that visualize their business analytics results. And features like Advanced JSON support, Custom SQL and CSV upload make Trevor a functional build platform for designers and engineers. Its Zapier integration connects Trevor to hundreds of third-party apps like Gmail, Trello and Slack. Panoply’s Trevor integration automates and speeds extract, transmit and load (ETL)—the process that powers all data operations. Panoply continuously uploads, sorts, simplifies and stores your latest data. It’s managed on the secure cloud and streamed in real time to your Trevor queries and dashboards. This powerful all-in-one ETL pipeline is fully integrated with a cloud data warehouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to my data?
To analyze your data in , you’ll first create a connection to Panoply. Panoply stores a replica of your data and syncs it so it’s always up-to-date and ready for analysis. You can connect to your data in Panoply via an ODBC connection.
What data can I integrate with ?
Panoply allows you to integrate with multiple data sources including all major CRMs, databases, file systems, ad networks, analytics platforms, and finance tools. All of your data is stored in ready-to-analyze tables that can be joined together with SQL or merged in your BI tools. Integrating data for cross-channel advertising analysis, full-funnel conversion analysis, and CAC vs LTV analysis has never been so easy.
What is Panoply?
Panoply is a secure place to sync, store, and access all your business data. With unlimited access to our data connectors, Panoply makes it possible to create an integrated view of your entire business. Everyone in your organization can share this single source of truth across any BI tool or analytical notebook with unlimited queries from unlimited users.

Technically speaking, Panoply provides the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and data warehouse functionality in one platform with the added benefit of simple role-based data governance, the security of AWS infrastructure, and SOC-2 and GDPR compliance.