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Panoply vs Periscope
An end-to-end Comparison

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Feature Panoply Periscope
Easy set-up
Seamlessly connect to any visualization and BI tool -
Serverless -
Unlimited concurrency -
Automated query performance optimization -
Automated storage optimization -
Built-in ETL -
Data ingestion -
Unlimited queries -
Dedicated Data Architect * -
* Included with Panoply Enterprise Plan

Compare Panoply’s pricing to Periscope

Panoply Periscope
  Cost based only on storage used, includes unlimited queries   $1000 just for Periscope’s visualization tool; no access to other BI tools
  Upfront, transparent pricing Still need to acquire ETL solution and/or Data Engineer(s)
  Panoply optimizes your data storage, reducing overall usage and cost for storage  

Check out Panoply, the world’s only smart cloud data warehouse

Panoply automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data source and seamlessly connects you to any BI or visualization tool, not just Periscope’s - why settle for just one BI solution?

Panoply’s data warehouse automation will save you time and resources

Panoply empowers data analysts to be self reliant with their data:

  • ETL-less process: no coding or engineering help required to ingest data
  • Automation of schema, modeling, reindexing
  • Optimization of data warehouse maintenance is automated

Panoply is a data warehouse created by Data Analysts for Data Analysts

  • Panoply is based on standard SQL
  • Scalable for any size business in any industry vertical
  • Gather all your disparate data sources and BI tools in one simple dashboard
  • Query directly in the data warehouse without ever leaving to use another tool or BI platform
  • Consistent performance—avoid concurrency issues

“ Panoply saves us $120k per year.
Nathan Patrick Taylor
CIO, Symphony Care Network
“ Panoply helps us make better decisions in real time.
Andrew Zeck
CTO, Saucey
“ Panoply just works.
Bob Vermeulen
Director of CRM, Shinesty
“ Panoply ticks all the boxes - we couldn’t ask for anything more.
James Barnes
Data and Integrations Lead and Solution Architect, GreenThumb
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