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Analytic agility is the ability for business intelligence to be fast, responsive, flexible and adaptable.

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Keep your existing data warehouse infrastructure - but allow your analysts to be more agile

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  • Connect to hundreds of data sources and any BI tool

“Analytic agility is the ability for business intelligence to be fast, responsive, flexible and adaptable.”

- Alan Duncan, Research Director

Benefits of Agile Analytics

Buy vs. Build

Panoply is plug & play, whereas building a data warehouse or business intelligence systems can take 6 months to several years to build, test, and iterate.

Time to Value

With Panoply, the time to value ROI for agile analytics is easily 10x to 100x depending on your data digital volume.

Total Cost

Total cost of operation will be reduced, and what's more, Panoply provides 24/7 full support as well as dedicated data engineers and a DBA to manage the data warehouse if needed.

The Problem with Existing Enterprise Data Warehousing

Enterprises collect vast disparate data sources from different touch points: customers, vendors, 3rd party systems, points of sale, marketing, financial planning documents, and many other data sources, files, and APIs.

Dozens of analytics teams work on gathering and sorting the data from different databases, which in turn requires teams of IT and engineering resources, not to mention days of coding and other time consuming bottlenecks before analysts can get to actionable insights that businesses need in near real-time.

Enter Panoply Agile for Enterprise-Grade Analytics

Panoply lets you keep your data warehouse infrastructure in place, yet revolutionizes the way your analysts can extract & gather any data source while also seamlessly connecting the data to any business intelligence visualization tool.

With an agile, smart data warehouse solution like Panoply, the usual data ingestion and storage & query optimization bottlenecks are immediately resolved through automation based on natural language processing & machine learning.

Accelerate Data Discovery for Actionable Inisghts

With Panoply, each line of business, analyst or analytics team can cater to their specific data source needs, as well as visualization tools of their choice by having direct and immediate access to the databases they need, without having to wait their turn with IT or get bogged down with ingestion requests, while also having the flexibility to explore different data query possilities.

In short, Panoply Agile Enterprise means your analysts are empowered to work off your existing enterprise data warehouse independently - without the need from IT and engineering or hours of coding, to get their insights in near record time.

Data-driven teams ♥︎ Panoply

Panoply gave me speed, automation, efficiency, and flexibility - without blowing up my budget, increasing my headcount, or adding complexity.
Helena Carre
EMEA Omnichannel Analytics
Setup took literally minutes, and presto! We got a fully automated data warehouse with our product and marketing data.
Ami Goldernberg
Co-Founder and CTO
Panoply saved us time spent on data maintenance and tuning, allowing data engineers to focus on delivering business insights.
Kai Rikhye
Lead Data Engineer
I can collect and manage my data without even talking to engineering – it’s a godsend.
Justin Mulvaney
Data Analyst
Panoply took away the need to support countless ETL processes. Now our analysts can focus on providing insights to the organization.
Ziv Isaiah
Founder and CTO
Panoply let’s me know what’s going on in our data. It’s been a huge win. We can now more accurately assess and escalate customer issues.
Robert Curtis
Head of Success

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