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All-in-one data management solution for enterprises

Analytic agility is the ability for business intelligence to be fast, responsive, flexible and adaptable.

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Automate data ingestion and management for all your data sources

  • Seamlessly connect to your databases, data warehouse, and data lake
  • No need to migrate to a new infrastructure - Panoply will do the heavy lifting
  • Upload any data source and get it optimized for immediate querying
  • Easily connect to hundreds of data sources and any BI tool

“Analytic agility is the ability for business intelligence to be fast, responsive, flexible and adaptable.”

- Alan Duncan, Research Director

Panoply's off-the-shelf solution for agile analytics

Buy vs. Build

Building an agile data warehouse or business intelligence systems can take 6 months to several years to build, test, and iterate. Panoply is plug and play.

Time to Value

With Panoply, the time to value ROI for agile analytics is easily 10x to 100x depending on your data digital volume.

Total Cost

Total cost of operation will be reduced, and what's more, Panoply provides 24/7 full support as well as dedicated data engineers and a DBA to manage your data warehouse storage if needed.

Modernize your data management pipeline for faster analytical insights

Collect vast disparate data sources from different touch points: customers, vendors, 3rd party systems, points of sale, marketing, financial planning documents, and many other data sources, files, and APIs.

Empower all your teams to combine disparate data sources for immediate analytical insights for your business without help from IT or engineering.

Accelerate data discovery for actionable insights

Keep your enterprise data warehouse infrastructure in place, while boosting your data pipeline speed and productivity.

Seamlessly connect your data to Tableau or any other BI tool and get 10x faster reporting dashboards.

Panoply automatically optimizes your data for great performance. In addition, we give you the control to materialize views for additional performance.

Each line of business, analyst or analytics team can cater to their specific data source needs without concurrency issues during when data mining or analytics.

“ Panoply saves us $120k per year.
Nathan Patrick Taylor
CIO, Symphony Care Network
“ Panoply helps us make better decisions in real time.
Andrew Zeck
CTO, Saucey
“ Panoply just works.
Bob Vermeulen
Director of CRM, Shinesty
“ Panoply ticks all the boxes - we couldn’t ask for anything more.
James Barnes
Data and Integrations Lead and Solution Architect, GreenThumb

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