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Upload Data Directly to Panoply

Panoply provides out of the box integration with dozens of popular data sources, allowing you to query and analyze your data instantly without requiring thousands of lines of custom code. While Panoply works with many popular storage and database solutions, including Amazon S3, MySQL, and Postgres, Panoply is also programmed to allow uploads of your own data files.

Many different types of files and data technologies can be uploaded directly to Panoply, including:

  • .csv
  • JSON
  • .accda
  • SFTP
  • .mdb (for legacy data).

Panoply’s machine learning and NLP system models automate the data management process so that no ETL process is necessary. For custom data uploads, Panoply has several SDKs that reduce development time substantially.

Once the data is uploaded, it is instantly available for analyses and can be combined with all other data sources. Fast and simple, Panoply makes it easier to manage your data without a sizeable data warehousing infrastructure.

How Panoply Works with Upload Data

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