Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Stripe.

Integrate Stripe with a Data Warehouse in Minutes

Let Panoply integrate your Stripe data into your cloud data warehouse in moments, so that it is ready for immediate analysis. Stripe, known best for its online payment system, provides sales and customer data in the form of their Sigma product.

Panoply can extract that data directly from Stripe and instantly add it to your data warehouse without any additional ETL or ELT support. Stripe data can then be queried, compared, and analyzed from within the Panoply platform both by itself and with other data sources.

With Panoply, businesses can generate better customer analytics, determine market opportunities, reduce return rates, and compare across data channels all from within Panoply’s single, end to end data management platform. Panoply makes it easier for companies to use their Stripe data without an expensive and expansive data warehouse and analysis infrastructure.

How Panoply Works with Stripe

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