Panoply makes it easy to integrate with MongoDB.

From MongoDB to a World Class Data Warehouse in Minutes

Panoply integrates both SQL and NoSQL data from any existing DBMS. Those capabilities would not be complete without MongoDB, the most widely used NoSQL DBMS. MongoDB is known for its automatic, easily scaled data clusters.

With Panoply, importing MongoDB data is as simple as a few clicks, and once there it is easily accessible from within the cloud database. It can be combined with other SQL and NoSQL data sources, and your data scientists and analysts can immediately query the data and drive actionable conclusions.

The Panoply platform makes it easy to consolidate all of your data, including MongoDB, and begin drawing conclusions in minutes without any custom scripts or programming. Secure, scalable, and powerful, Panoply is an invaluable tool for making use of your stored MongoDB data and replaces the need for a large data infrastructure. Create your own MongoDB data warehouse with Panoply.

How Panoply Works with MongoDB

Panoply automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data
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