Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Facebook Ads.

Move Facebook ads Data into a Data Warehouse in Minutes

Seamlessly integrate data from your Facebook advertising campaigns with Panoply. As Facebook continues to grow its digital advertising presence, the average organization has sizeable advertising data that needs to be stored and analyzed.

With Panoply, storing that data is instant, without requiring any manual ETL or ELT processing. The data can then be analyzed from within the platform, providing greater feedback on ad performance, including user data, platform, associated text and images, and more. The data can also be compared and analyzed with other data sources, giving you greater detail about your market and ad campaigns.

Panoply’s Facebook ad integration is ready immediately so that your raw data can be converted to actionable insights in minutes. Panoply makes it easier to increase engagement and maximize your Facebook ad ROI.

How Panoply Works with Facebook Ads

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