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Free 60-Day Proof of Value

Sync, store, and access all your business data with Panoply, now free for your first 60 days

Easy Setup

  • Managed Google Cloud Platform data warehouse
  • Unlimited Panoply ELT connectors
  • 5000 GiB Query Bytes over 60 days

Real Results

Start seeing the benefits of the Panoply platform with streamlined operations, easier reporting, and more clear analytics. 

Simple Pricing

With 60 days of real data, it’s easy to select the pricing tier that works for your use case.  

Plus, if you don’t use all your Query Bytes in a month, they’ll roll over to the next month*, so you don’t need to worry about wasted data. 


*Rollover is limited to 3x your monthly Query Byte limit

**Proof of Value is limited to once per domain. If someone at your company has already started a Proof of Value, you’ll need to reach out to our sales team to get started

Free 60-Day Proof of Value

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