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Integrate with Qlik in minutes

Qlik is a BI platform that provides end-to-end data management and real-time AI analytics. The company recently expanded its services to enterprise level data integration by acquiring Attunity. Qlick’s features include embedded analytics and developer and data integration platforms. With Qlick, you can combine all your data, create custom apps, and share your business insights with your teams on any device. Well-known companies like Benjamin Moore and Conde Nast use this Gartner-recommended BI tool.You can add even more ETL power to Qlick with the Panoply integration. Panoply’s AI-driven pipeline does prep work automatically, manages the entire ETL process, and continuously streams your latest processed data to your analytics output. Panoply is the only fully integrated cloud service that combines an automated ETL with a data warehouse.
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Integrate with Talend in minutes

Build your own ETL pipelines with Talend’s all new pipeline designer. Talend’s robust toolbox lets you work with code, manage files, and transform and integrate big data. This ETL has graphical design and development tools and hundreds of data processing components and connectors. Speed and automate your Talend pipelines with Panoply's integration. You save time on prep work, and your cloud data warehouses are updated continuously with the cleanest, most relevant output.
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Easily collect all your data sources and visualize them in one place

Panoply in 30 seconds

Panoply is a cloud data warehouse that can be effortlessly set up to gather all your data in one place and seamlessly connected to any BI tool for lightning fast analytics.

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Collect all your data in one place

Whether it's Salesforce, Facebook Ads, PostgreSQL or any other data source or file, simply select your data sources and start uploading them into Panoply with just a few clicks. We have over 150 native data source integrations ready to go.

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Automate your data management

Loved by founders, analysts, and engineers, Panoply automatically models the data as its uploaded so you can immediately start querying multiple tables together. It also automatically scales storage and compute resources, and optimizes queries so you can spend time on insights, not maintenance.

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Connect to any business intelligence tool

Panoply provides a single source of data truth that seamlessly connects to any analytics or visualization tool in just one click. As new data becomes available, Panoply will instantly add them to your data warehouse, so your data is always fresh.

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