Fivetran vs. Panoply

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If you’re like most businesses, data is everywhere, but syncing, storing, and accessing it is a challenge. An analytics stack is the answer, but deciding how to build one isn’t easy.

To help, we’ve compared Fivetran and Panoply on key factors like price, ease of use, and compatibility so you can make an informed decision that fits your needs.

Fivetran is an ETL Tool Designed for Data Analysts

Fivetran is a cloud-based ETL tool best suited for data engineers and data analysts. Its many integrations help users quickly push data to a BI tool or data warehouse, but the UI may be clunky for new data users and it lacks a SQL workbench. Users will need to transfer data to the BigQuery data warehouse in order to query their data and create reports as Fivetran does not provide the ability to work with data directly in its platform.

Panoply is a Data Warehouse + ETL Platform for Analysts

Panoply is the easiest way to sync, store, and access all your business data. The platform combines a powerful data warehouse with code-free ETL, which results in quick and easy setup and minimal upkeep. Users can query data directly in Panoply or connect their preferred analytical notebook or BI tool.

Compare Fivetran and Panoply features

Platform Features
Data storage

Cloud-based collection and retention of data.

Available for an additional charge via BigQuery.

Pipelines that sync data between a source and a destination.

Data Transformation

Automated structuring, cleaning, and standardization of raw data.

SQL Workbench

A tool that enables you to create SQL queries to analyze data.

No. But does utilize SQL queries to transform data.
Technical Skill Required

How complicated the tool is to use.


How much and what types of support are provided.

Provides support via ticket system.
Industry leading chat & live support
Data Governance

Features that ensure data control and consistency.

Security (HIPAA, SOC-2, GDPR)

Protocols that ensure data safety and adherence to industry standards; includes SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

HIPAA, SOC-2 & GDPR compliant
Compatible with BI tools

Built-in integrations with top business intelligence tools.

Compatible with ETL tools

Built-in integrations with top ETL tools.

Compatible with IPaaS

Built-in integrations with cloud-based platforms that connect applications, systems, and technologies.

Trial Availability

Ability to try the product prior to purchasing.

14-Day Free Trial
Free 21-Day Proof of Value

Data Source Connectors

Fivetran Connectors

Fivetran offers 150+ integrations with data sources, allowing users to extract data quickly and efficiently. Users will also need to utilize integrations to query data and create reports as Fivetran lacks a SQL workbench and the ability to work with data within the app.

Panoply Connectors

Panoply provides built-in ETL integrations with dozens of data sources, including popular cloud APIs, databases, CRMs, advertising platforms, and file storage systems. Users can also pipe data in through partners like Stitch or Fivetran or pull in data via an S3 bucket. Once data is synced, users can query it via Panoply’s workbench or connect their favorite BI tool.

Pricing Structure

Fivetran Pricing

Fivetran offers a complicated pricing model based on data consumption. Pricing tiers are based on “credits” and users will need to calculate their data “rows at rest”, “rows updated,” and “monthly active rows.” Both experienced and new users may struggle to navigate this convoluted pricing model.

Panoply Pricing

Panoply offers both monthly and annual plans starting as low as $299 per month. Its pricing model is simple and transparent, based on how many query bytes users need.  There are no extra fees for adding users or the number data connectors used so cost is more predictable than with pay-by-the-hour or pay-by-the-row models.

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