June 2023 Release Notes
  • 25 Jun 2023
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June 2023 Release Notes

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Workbench menu changes

With the release of reports, some available workbench actions have switched places. Below are the available actions and where you can find them:

  1. Workbench toolbar:
    1. Format: Formats the written query in standard SQL format.
    2. New: Clears the query area and the results area so you can start a fresh query.
    3. Recipes: Opens the recipes menu with available recipes for your account
  2. Entities' three dots menu:
    1. Open
      1. Reports and views - Opens the definition and runs the query
      2. Tables - Runs a SELECT * query on the table
    2. Manage viewers - Define which viewer can access which entity. Not available for reports.
    3. Delete - Deletes the entity from the Panoply account
  3. Result's arrow actions menu:
    1. Export - Save the results as a .csv file. For more detail, see Exporting Data
    2. Copy query - Copies the SQL query to the clipboard
    3. Cancel query - Cancels the query. Available only if the query is actively running
    4. Save as - Save the current result (and query) as a report or view

Workbench reports

Panoply's workbench now supports saving reports in the platform. The saved report will retain the original visualization chart selected prior to saving the report.
All saved reports are accessible through the workbench's entities list.

Klaviyo (v 1.0.0)

Panoply now supports the collection of data from Klaviyo.

What You Need To Know

When setting up the Klaviyo data source, you will need to enter your Klaviyo private API key

The following Klaviyo items may be collected:

  • Campaign Recipient Estimation
  • Campaign Tags
  • Campaigns
  • Catalog Categories
  • Catalog Category Items
  • Catalog Items
  • Catalog Variants
  • Create Categories Jobs
  • Create Items Jobs
  • Create Variants Jobs
  • Delete Categories Jobs
  • Delete Items Jobs
  • Delete Variants Jobs
  • Event Metrics
  • Events
  • Flow Actions For Flow
  • Flow Tags
  • Flows
  • List Tags
  • Lists
  • Message
  • Metrics
  • Profile Lists
  • Profile Segments
  • Profiles
  • Segment Tags
  • Segments
  • Tag Groups
  • Tags
  • Templates
  • Update Categories Jobs
  • Update Items Jobs
  • Update Variants Jobs

Flex Connector (v 2.2.1)

Panoply now supports POST API requests with raw XML body. The XML input is an addition to the POST requests available options.
When selecting a POST API requests, users can now choose between Raw XML, Raw JSON or GraphQL.

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