Hubspot Data Dictionary
  • 01 Aug 2023
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Hubspot Data Dictionary

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Article summary

Panoply ingests Hubspot data into your Panoply database via HubSpot's APIs. Read Hubspot's APIs overview for a high-level summary of these APIs.

Data Structure

Because Panoply creates subtables out of nested data, Hubspot data from one resource can result in multiple destination tables. Each subtable is named by appending the attribute name of the nested data to the name of the original destination table.

In many of Hubspot's resources, the record's properties will be in a separated subtable. For example, when collecting the Companies resource, Panoply will create at least two tables (hubspot_companies and hubspot_companies_properties). The hubspot_companies table will hold metadata about the companies (like when was the company created or updated) and the hubspot_companies_properties will hold the companies' actual properties (like the company's name or address)

List of Resources

In this Panoply integration, the following resources are available:

  • CRM object properties
  • CRM pipelines
  • Calls
  • Companies
  • Companies History
  • Companies to Companies Associations
  • Companies to Deals Associations
  • Companies to Engagements Associations
  • Companies to Tickets Associations
  • Contact lists
  • Contacts
  • Contacts History
  • Contacts in the list
  • Contacts to Companies Associations
  • Contacts to Deals Associations
  • Contacts to Engagements Associations
  • Contacts to Tickets Associations
  • Deals
  • Deals History
  • Deals History (Deprecated)
  • Deals to Engagements Associations
  • Deals to Line Items Associations
  • Deals to Tickets Associations
  • Email campaign data
  • Email events
  • Email subscription timeline
  • Email subscription types
  • Engagements
  • Events
  • Form submissions
  • Forms
  • Line items
  • Line Items History
  • Marketing Email
  • Marketing Email statistics
  • Meetings
  • Owners
  • Products
  • Products History
  • Tasks
  • Tickets
  • Tickets History
  • Tickets to Engagements Associations

If the connected Hubspot account has custom objects or custom objects associations, they will be available for selection as well.

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