🎬 Schedule Data Sources

🎬 Schedule Data Sources


Panoply makes it easy to automatically collect data by allowing users to schedule data sources to run on a regular basis.

In order to schedule a data source, I can expand the data source card, and after doing so navigate to the very bottom where I will see a Collect button if I have already selected data objects within the source that I want to collect. After clicking the Collect button, a menu populates that allows me to schedule the data source.

Please note that I can skip this scheduling altogether, which will trigger a one-time, manual collection. If I do want to schedule, I first select the interval upon which I want to collect–so that could be on any day of the week, or up to as frequently as every day. And now I select the time that I want to collect, so that could be any time of day, or that could also be an interval up to as frequent as every hour. In order to lock in the scheduling I click the Schedule button, which will trigger a one-time collection and continue to collect on the interval I have selected.

If I ever need to change my chosen scheduling pattern, I can navigate back to the data source card and select the clock icon. After clicking it, I see the same menu that I was provided earlier, and I can either update this based on my preferences, or set it to never collect, which will essentially make the data source dormant until you adjust the settings again.

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