Panoply makes it easy to integrate with Nielsen.

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Nielsen is a global market research firm. It is perhaps best known for its media analysis, yet it also provides other valuable data, such as retail product transactions. Panoply’s Nielsen integration loads your data directly into your very own Smart Data Warehouse in the cloud.

Machine learning and Natural Language Process (NLP) means that you can quickly move from data to analytics without an ETL process in place. Panoply also lets that data be connected, combined, and reviewed/analyzed along with any other data sources you may acquire.

Panoply’s end to end solution means that your business can begin analyzing your retail/media audiences right away, crafting reports and monitoring custom dashboards all from within the Panoply platform. With the ability to replace an entire data infrastructure, Panoply takes you from data to analysis in minutes, instead of months.

How Panoply Works with Nielsen

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