January 2023 Release Notes
  • 09 Feb 2023
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January 2023 Release Notes

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Article summary

Hubspot (v 2.3.0)

Panoply now supports the collection of three new Hubspot resources:

  • The Calling sales tool
  • The Meetings sales tool
  • The CRM Tasks

After you had collected data from your target resource, two new tables will be created; a main table and a subtable.
Main tables contain record metadata and are automatically named hubspot_ResourceName.
Subtables contain Hubspot record properties and are automatically named hubspot_ResourceName_properties.


Main table: hubspot_meetings
Subtable: hubspot_meetings_properties

Best Practice

To collect historical data for the three resources, it is recommended to create a new Hubspot data source. This will ensure that all records from the three resources are collected, regardless of whether older Hubspot data sources were previously configured to collect incrementally.

Asana (v 1.4.0)

Panoply now supports the collection the Goals resource.
After you had collected data from the Goals resource, eight new tables will be created.

  • asana_goals
  • asana_goals_current_status_update
  • asana_goals_followers
  • asana_goals_owner
  • asana_goals_likes
  • asana_goals_workspace
  • asana_goals_time_period
  • asana_goals_metric

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