WooCommerce Data Dictionary
  • 26 Jul 2021
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WooCommerce Data Dictionary

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Article Summary

Panoply uses the WooCommerce API to collect your data into your data warehouse. The following endpoints of the API are available to be collected.  To view the entire data dictionary in Google Sheets, click here.


The Coupon endpoint lists all the coupons that have been created. Coupons Data Dictionary.


The Customer API lists all the customers. Customers Data Dictionary.


The Orders API lists all the orders. Orders Data Dictionary.


The refunds API lists the individual refunds. Refunds Data Dictionary


The products API lists the individual, or a batch, of products. Products Data Dictionary.

Product Variations

The Product Variations API lists all of the product variations.Product Variations Data Dictionary.

Product Categories

The Product Categories API retrieves all product categories. Product Categories Data Dictionary.

Product Shipping Classes

The Product Shipping Classes API retrieves all product shipping classes. Product Shipping Classes Data Dictionary.

Product Tags

The Product Tags API retrieves all product tags. Product Tags Data Dictionary.

Product Reviews

The Product Reviews API retrieves all product reviews. Product Reviews Data Dictionary.

Tax Rates

The Taxes API retrieves individual tax rates, or a batch of tax rates. Tax Rates Data Dictionary.

Payment Gateways

The Payment Gateways API retrieves all individual payment gateways. Results are not paginated - all gateways will be returned. Payment Gateways Data Dictionary.

Shipping Zones

The Shipping Zones API retrieves the individual shipping zones. Shipping Zones Data Dictionary.

Shipping Zone Locations

The Shipping Zone Locations API retrieves the individual shipping zone locations. Shipping Zone Locations Data Dictionary.

Shipping Zone Methods

The Shipping Zone Methods API retrieves the individual methods of a shipping zone.  Shipping Zone Methods Data Dictionary.

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