Advanced Options

Advanced Options

Panoply provides a set of advanced options for you to customize the collection from your data sources.

Click Show next to Advanced to expand the advanced options section. The available options vary based on the data source you have selected.

advanced options

Schema - The name of the target schema to write the tables to. Default is public. You cannot change the schema after ingestion begins.

Primary Key - Field(s) to use as the deduplication key when ingesting data. Default is id, which is a Panoply-defined ID. For more, see Primary Keys.

Delimeter - If you choose a character-delimited file with a delimiter other than comma or tab, specify the correct delimiter.

Exclude - A list of attributes to exclude from the collection process.

Parse string - A list of JSON text attributes to parse as objects.

Truncate table - Check this box to delete the table’s data before collecting the source.

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