April 2024 Release Notes
  • 15 Apr 2024
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April 2024 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Instagram Business (v 2.3.2)

Panoply has changed two available resources and added five new resources for users to utilize:

  • Additional metrics were added to the Reels Insights resource:
    • clips_replays_count
    • ig_reels_aggregated_all_plays_count
    • ig_reels_avg_watch_time
    • ig_reels_video_view_total_time
  • The Carousel Album Media Insights resource was removed and instead was replaced by the Album Insights resource with the following metrics:
    • total_interactions
    • impressions
    • reach
    • saved
    • video_views
  • Five new resources were added. These resources will return the current snapshot of demographics distribution by category:
    • Follower Demographics by age
    • Follower Demographics by age & gender
    • Follower Demographics by city
    • Follower Demographics by country
    • Follower Demographics by gender

Flex Connector (v 2.13.2)

Panoply now supports direct OAuth1 authorization. Read more here

Failed scheduled collection notification

Users can now get notified immediately on any failed scheduled collection. On top of the previous option to receive a daily summary of all failed collections, users can get an immediate notification when a connector fails on its scheduled collection.

Flex Connector (v 2.13.0)

Panoply now supports direct OAuth2 authorization. As part of the authorization configuration, the user will need to input the relevant OAuth2 parameters and login to the source service in order to get the relevant access token. Read more here

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