Data Security

Data Protection

Keeping your data private and secure is by far the most critical aspect of the platform. We go way beyond reasonable measures to not only protect your data from malicious attacks, but also from the more common, honest human mistakes that your employees might make while accessing your data.

On the baseline, Panoply is built on top of Redshift or BigQuery, and uses the latest security patches and encryption capabilities provided by the underlying platform, like hardware accelerated RSA encryption and the built in data warehouse specific sets of security measures and features.

We offer an extra layer of security, like columnar encryption that lets you encrypt your data in any way you’d like, optionally using your own private keys that are not stored on our servers, thus giving you full control over your data. If you opt to use our encryption, the keys are rotated on a daily basis.

You may choose to not load all of your data into Panoply by omitting specific columns. This is useful for anonymity, where the actual contents of the data are not relevant for your analysis. A good example is credit card information.

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