Panoply Highlighted in Software Development Times

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Panoply was in the spotlight as a provider of “Insights as a Service” in an interview with Panoply Director of Evangelism, Jason Harris.

“It was Forrester Research that coined the second “as-a-service” to be addressed here. That is “insight as a service.” A company called Panoply has created a platform that enables organizations to spin up data warehouses in which data is coalesced and optimized, ready to be visualized by third-party software. Machine learning and natural language processing are important parts of the platform that help organizations understand the data at its sources.

The Panoply platform integrates with 100 different data sources, most any database provider and what Harris called a growing list of cloud providers. [Panoply Director of Evangelism Jason} Harris specifically discussed integrations with Chartio and Stitch, which enables data input, warehousing and visualization to happen very fast, with no code required. “These things typically required querying and scripting, but now so much of it is simple drag-and-drop,” he said.”

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