lands $7M to scale its full-stack data warehouse as a service and open its San Francisco Headquarters

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - August, 2016 lands $7M to scale its full-stack data warehouse as a service and open its San Francisco Headquarters, the Tel Aviv and San Francisco based startup that enables companies to implement complex analytical cloud infrastructure with a click of a button announced today a $7 million Series A led by Intel Capital with participation from previous investor Blumberg Capital.

In the post-Heroku world, virtualizing and automating complex infrastructure into usable and intuitive platforms is permeating across the stack. has taken this approach all the way to the data warehouse and analytical infrastructure, with the vision of making data infrastructure as simple as spinning up an AWS server. launched its closed beta platform in late 2015 and has since onboarded dozens of customers in the US, Europe and Israel. The main users of are teams of data engineers and system administrators who use the service to automatically integrate data from multiple sources and seamlessly model it into a fully scalable, managed full stack of data technologies. “It’s remarkable that what once required teams of engineers can now be accomplished with a click. ” said Yaniv Leven, Co-Founder and CEO of, “With, complex tasks like schema building and altering, data mining, complex modelling, scaling, performance tuning, security, backup and more are all handled by an array of machine learning algorithms.”’s full stack data warehousing as a service incorporates a set of best of breed data technologies including Kafka, Elastic, Spark and Amazon Redshift. Ushering in a continuously managed, optimized and scalable cloud warehouse. Taking companies from raw data to complex queries in as little as 12 minutes.

Today’s companies are becoming more and more data oriented, smaller and smaller entities are using increasingly exponential data but the problem of setting up and managing data infrastructure is still labor intensive. sees this exponential growth of data utilization and fragmentation, as an opportunity to advance the data utilization world to the next level. “We see a number of opportunities in today’s markets, specifically in the untapped SMB market that requires a real turnkey solution, this market is our core focus at the moment. As’s algorithms automatically handle optimization and scale, in the near future, we will also address Fortune 1000 companies setting up processes to migrate their analytical infrastructure to the cloud” Says Leven “these companies are setting up multiyear projects, we can do it tomorrow”. will be opening up its beta to all by the end of the summer and will be using the new round of funding to increase the size of their sales, marketing and customer support efforts in the Bay Area. “Apart from our SF presence, the funding will allow us to significantly invest in our BI and data integration partnerships as well as offer across other major cloud providers like Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more.” said Yaniv Leven “It’s all about solving the labor and time intensive issues for these engineers, that really need to focus on more important things”

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