and ironSource Partner to Streamline Data Flow Management and Analytics Infrastructure Optimization

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 25, 2016, the data management for analytics company that enables customers to seamlessly implement a self-optimizing analytics cloud infrastructure, today announced a partnership with global technology powerhouse ironSource. The partnership will allow customers using ironSource’s data infrastructure solution - Atom Data Flow Management - to connect their data integrations to a self-optimizing, AWS Redshift-based data warehouse, all with the click of one button from within their ironSource implementation. ironSource now integrates data sources into, so Atom customers who currently use, or plan to use, AWS Redshift can more easily and affordably enable and optimize their data analytics infrastructure., which recently announced its $7 million Series A funding led by Intel Capital, provides a self-optimizing analytics Infrastructure-as-a-Service that incorporates machine learning algorithms and dozens of technologies, including Amazon’s Redshift, to allow teams of data engineers and data scientists to virtualize and automate analytics cloud infrastructure. automates data’s entire journey from source to analysis, to deliver better performance at a lower price and with the click of a button.’s data management for analytics automatically tailors itself to the end user’s business needs through machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). learns, models and automates behaviors of data engineers and data scientists, offloading most of the tedious detail-oriented work generally associated with preparing and maintaining data analytics infrastructure.

Through the partnership with ironSource, customers of both companies can now benefit from data integration and management via one dashboard and in near real-time. ironSource’s Atom data flow management is a highly customizable data pipeline that gives a user full control over their data while it is being transferred to a data warehouse. adds critical data handling, management and optimization of infrastructure to the mix, ensuring the smooth transition between technology platforms like ironSource and AWS Redshift.

The partnership enhances the key value of both companies, specializing in data integration and optimization of infrastructure. The joint solution enables a customer to receive the value of data in an AWS Redshift warehouse faster and easier. ironSource customers can work with their existing infrastructure and continue to glean value from their investment via continuously optimizing their data schemas and queries on top of an AWS Redshift-based data warehouse.

“Analytics infrastructure and data configuration is unnecessarily complex. Between 50%- 80% of a data scientist’s time falls to data management tasks”

“Analytics infrastructure and data configuration is unnecessarily complex. Between 50%- 80% of a data scientist’s time falls to data management tasks,” said Yaniv Leven, Co-Founder and CEO of “We have deliberately built a self-optimizing solution that puts all your data in order, so your time can be spent on the actual data, not its infrastructure. helps our customers have the time and resources to focus on the information that makes their businesses run. In fact, through our continuously managed, optimized and scalable cloud infrastructure, our customers go from raw data to complex queries in as little as 12 minutes. Now this will be even easier for customers using ironSource Atom.”

“ironSource Atom was created with the goal of simplifying big data flow management. While data has become increasingly important to the majority of businesses out there, the tools and infrastructure for managing, processing and leveraging that data haven’t evolved at the same pace,” said Shimon Tolts, General Manager, Data Solutions at ironSource. “We believe your data should work for you, and not the other way around, and this partnership with is yet another way our partners can easily get the maximum amount of value out of their data in the most cost-effective way. ”

Based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, is the cloud-based data management for analytics company. enables companies to seamlessly implement an end-to-end data management solution simplifying and automating analytical data management tasks associated with running Big Data on the cloud for mid stage companies.’s technology is based on machine-learning and self-optimizing processes that analyze query patterns, metadata and configurations to more easily and affordably enable and improve data analytics infrastructure. The company is privately-held and funded by investors such as Blumberg Capital and Intel Capital. For more, see

About ironSource: 
ironSource builds discovery, monetization, engagement and analytics tools for app developers, device manufacturers, mobile carriers and advertisers. Part of ironSource’s suite of client solutions, ironSource Atom is a reliable data pipeline solution that handles all of your data regardless of origin, all while giving you full control over your logs. The solution offers a unique, pay-as-you-grow price structure, to ensure maximum cost-efficiency for its clients. ironSource’s comprehensive solutions help industry leading companies achieve greater business success, enabling them to find, understand, engage with and monetize their target audiences more effectively. Over 80K app developers are using our developer solutions, and our enterprise technology is shipping on hundreds of millions of devices worldwide, giving ironSource the ability to reach over 800 million unique users every month, globally. Founded in 2010, ironSource is a truly global company, with offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, and Bangalore. Read more at